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Letters to the Editor Policy

Letters to the Editor Policy

  • The word-count limit for letters is 350, including signatures (with exceptions at the discretion of the editor).
  • Letters may be edited for length, style, and clarity.
  • Email letters to or send by regular mail to Editor, The Harvard Press, P.O. Box 284, Harvard, MA 01451. Deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday to be included in that Friday's edition.
  • Letters should include your name, address, and phone number. Phone numbers and house numbers will not be printed; they are used only for verification.
  • We will not print anonymous letters, form letters, blanket-mail letters, or letters that we consider libelous.
  • We will not print more than one letter from the same person in any given week.
  • Letters must be signed by individuals; we do not accept group names as signatures. Up to four people may sign a letter on behalf of a group; all must provide addresses and phone numbers.
  • During contests for public office, we will not publish endorsement letters the Friday before an election. Based on space availability, we may limit the number of endorsement letters in a given week, but will strive to print a balanced representation of letters received. We will not publish negative letters about any candidate.
  • All letters may be read online by Harvard Press subscribers who are logged-on registered users of the website.

Use of police to establish codes of conduct is most dangerous

Corrected and updated April 8, 2021

Steve Peisch and Kate Lucey’s emotional letter makes clear they failed to read, or chose to deliberately misrepresent, my letter. Their red herrings reinforce my observation that so-called diversity never allows diverse opinion or thought.

Arm in Arm member Sharon Cronin at the Select Board meeting said, “No, I was just finishing a thought regarding reporting, responding to acts of prejudice, that Chief Denmark would be a great person to be involved in this process.” Cronin and Linda Dwight wrote in [a letter to] the Press, ”… we believe that involving Chief Denmark with respect to establishing a reporting mechanism might prove helpful.” Police involvement to report a crime is appropriate. Use of police to establish codes of conduct is most dangerous. The Stasi and other Communist countries’ police forces were (are) involved in this way to suppress any expressions that disagreed with the government. This use of police power is designed to squelch diversity of opinion and thought.

Cronin and Dwight wrote in the Press, “In a survey done in the fall, 47% of 171 responding Bromfield students reported witnessing or experiencing racism or bias.” This statistic is misleading. Actually, of the 593 Bromfield students (source DESE), only 13.6% reported witnessing racism or bias. Cronin and Dwight imply that the 47% applies to town employees and volunteers. They use their false statistic of 47% to create an artificial need for their diversity officer and for diversity training for town employees and volunteers.

Rather than hiring another employee, involve the parents if a child exhibits racist behavior. Subsequent incidents can be noted on the student’s transcript. Few parents would not address the presented problem.

Deborah Skauen
Still River Road

Editor's note: This letter has been corrected and updated. The original version named Sharon Cronin as a School Committee member. She is a member of Arm in Arm, not the School Commitee. 

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