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Letters to the Editor Policy

Letters to the Editor Policy

  • The word-count limit for letters is 350, including signatures (with exceptions at the discretion of the editor).
  • Letters may be edited for length, style, and clarity.
  • Email letters to or send by regular mail to Editor, The Harvard Press, P.O. Box 284, Harvard, MA 01451. Deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday to be included in that Friday's edition.
  • Letters should include your name, address, and phone number. Phone numbers and house numbers will not be printed; they are used only for verification.
  • We will not print anonymous letters, form letters, blanket-mail letters, or letters that we consider libelous.
  • We will not print more than one letter from the same person in any given week.
  • Letters must be signed by individuals; we do not accept group names as signatures. Up to four people may sign a letter on behalf of a group; all must provide addresses and phone numbers.
  • During contests for public office, we will not publish endorsement letters the Friday before an election. Based on space availability, we may limit the number of endorsement letters in a given week, but will strive to print a balanced representation of letters received. We will not publish negative letters about any candidate.
  • All letters may be read online by Harvard Press subscribers who are logged-on registered users of the website.

Deforestation has consequences

I was surprised to read in last week’s paper a front- page article about the Parks and Rec Commission seeking funding to the sum of $50,000 to determine whether or not the land behind the track could be used for other recreation activities. I was even more surprised to see an opinion article in the same paper opposing similar endeavors on the other side of town, indicating that this is a pattern, not an isolated incident. I echo the question, “What has happened?”

I have two arguments opposing this project to deforest the land behind the track. The first is simple and personal, the second is more complex and scientific. First, I am a lifelong citizen of Harvard, and I have grown up using those very woods for recreation. Deforesting here is an affront to all of the citizens of Harvard who also enjoy this forest ecosystem for recreation.

Please allow me to define some terms within the scope of the forest carbon cycle. Carbon pool refers to the part of the forest that stores carbon. The forest carbon pool consists of “live above ground,” such as trees, shrubs, and other plants; “live below ground,” including roots; “soil organic,” which is organic material in the soil, such as decayed biomass; and “dead above ground,” including standing dead trees and downed logs. The last component of the forest cycle is litter, such as leaves and small branches.

In a pamphlet published by UMass Amherst and the University of Vermont in 2019, the authors estimate the carbon pool breakdown of an acre of average oak-pine forest to contain the following: Live above ground: 32 metric tons of carbon. Live below ground: 7 tons. Soil organic: 27 tons. Deadwood: 4 tons. Litter: 12 tons.

Deforesting only 1 acre would cause the 32 tons living above ground to become immediately lost. The 7 tons living below ground would soon die and transition into soil organic, along with the 16 tons from deadwood and litter. Without protection from the forest canopy, the soil will steadily warm, causing the soil to decompose faster, gradually exhaling all 50 tons of this carbon to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. This is what happened to most of the European continent, and why their soil is so poor in quality.

Please protect the forest.

Erik Johnson
Old Mill Road

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