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Real Estate Transfers: October 2019 through May 2020

Source: Assessor Records, Town of Harvard

Raymond L. and Sarah R. Shives James V. and Paula J. Banks 232 Still River Road 10/1/19 $900,000
Jeffrey S. and Lori M. Granville Helen C. Stubbs 13 Bolton Road 10/1/19 $605,000
John A. Jr. and Ann S. DeRose Carmello Holdings, LLC 86 Ayer Road 10/2/19 $306,000
Demet and Gurkan Guntas Benjamin R. and Terri-Lyn Baron 8 Poor Farm Road 10/11/19 $603,000
Edward Wu Tammy R. Turley 74 East Bare Hill Road 10/21/19 $728,500
Regina Theresa Marksteiner Geoffrey and Lisa Cantin 13 Hillcrest Drive 10/24/19 $610,000
130 Poor Farm Road Nominee Trust Heather L. Bodington and Hayden Miller 130 Poor Farm Road 10/25/19 $635,000
Daniel A. Dirocco and Saham M. Huoy Ira S. and Judith B. Ockene 24 Fairbank Street 11/1/19 $720,000
M. Steele and Jayne H. Kenyon Daniel A. Dirocco and Saham M. Huoy 91 Warren Avenue 11/1/19 $730,000
Depot Real Estate Trust Brian M. Wickman 111 Depot Road 11/5/19 $365,000
Christopher Chris Karen M. and Ian Scott Grossman 95 Old Mill Road 11/6/19 $750,000
Blanche S. Foss Life Estate John V. Cunney Jr. and Jared Wollaston 20 Fairbank Street 11/7/19 $380,000
53 Park Lane Realty Trust Neil A. Murphy 53 Park Lane 11/15/19 $553,000
David A. Peterson and Debra R. Leeming John Blaise and Ruth Helen McCormack 13A Trail Ridge Way 11/22/19 $480,000
Cynthia L Lawrence Revocable Trust Charles L. Zucker 30 Glenview Drive 12/3/19 $517,500
Lee E. and Patricia A. Cochrane Christopher B. and Martha Mayo 11 Partridge Hill Road 12/5/19 $632,500
Northern Family Realty Trust James Hamilton and Elizabeth Flanagan 64 Woodside Road 12/18/19 $584,000
Slough Road Realty Trust Michael J. and Kristine M. O’Neil Slough Road 12/19/19 $215,000
YYT Self Control LLC Tracy L. Lando Littleton Road 12/20/19 $260,000
Richard A. Stoller David J. and Julie A. Darling 8 Shaker Road 12/31/19 $499,000
Michael G. Biscotti Richard A. Stroller 115 Clinton Shore Drive 12/31/19 $487,500
John A. Snyder Blake Brasher and Liv Gold 204 Stow Road 1/7/20 $385,000
Harold Wilion Eric J. Carlson and Leslie A. Timm 143 Stow Road 1/14/20 $505,000
Hill Nominee Trust 62 Old Littleton Road, LLC 62 Old Littleton Road 1/15/20 $270,000
The Normandin Group at Trail Ridge, LLC Hugh Holman and Francine Graillot-Hollman 12 Trail Ridge Way 1/21/20 $573,970
US Bank of National Association Acton Real Estate Investments, LLC 25 Blanchard Road 1/27/20 $550,025
Paul H. Friot Jacob W. Jackson 119 Tahanto Trail 2/19/20 $394,000
Kathie A. and John V. Turchetta John G. Power 199 Bolton Road 2/26/20 $1,335,000
Edna H. Rymsha Life Estate Janette Santana Perez 14 Prospect Hill Road 2/27/20 $485,000
Donald S. Worden Ivan Solovyev 6 Littleton Road, #2 2/28/20 $265,000
Andrew M. Tracey Kara Ann Fahey 15 Littleton Road, #1A 2/28/20 $191,760
Eastern Bank Wealth Management Janet S. Waldron 76 Warren Avenue 2/28/20 $750,000
105 Ayer Road Realty Trust Stephen Dodge 105 Ayer Road 3/2/20 $352,000
The Normandin Group at Trail Ridge, LLC Lee Schamberg  12 Trail Ridge Way 3/2/20 $187,400
Christina A. Ashley Stephen John Brown 21 Woodside Road 3/5/20 $500,000
Jerome Callahan, TTE 168 Bolton Road LLC 33 West Bare Hill Road 3/9/20 $287,000
Cynthia A. Tonrey Cynthia M. Glade 35 Lancaster County Road 3/13/20 $423,000
Pablo I. and Tatja J. Hopman Scott Leach 29 Whitney Road 3/13/20 $525,000
Jonathan K. and Nancy B. Dayton Ryan B. Zielinski 138 Stow Road 3/18/20 $614,000
Patricia W. White Kelvin Wiebe 162 East Bare Hill Road 3/20/20 $370,000
John E. Nye and Julie K. Meyers Ryan Robert Knihtila 10 St. John Lane 3/23/20 $795,000
George V. and Claudia A. McKenna Donald M. Purcell 41 Old Littleton Road 3/25/20 $765,000
Mark P. and Linda M. Zaitlin David English 88 Pinnacle Road 3/31/20 $865,000
Matthew and Colleen Noon Pamela O’Connor 73 East Bare Hill Road 3/31/20 $625,000
Lisa Kanter and Eugene S. Schweig Shawn Ripley 32 Old Shirley Road 4/1/20 $418,000
Richard G. and Ronna K. Levin Kurt A. Begemann 99 Tahanto Trail 4/15/20 $619,000
John V. Cunney Jr. and Jared Wollaston Matthew McRae 20 Fairbank Street 4/17/20 $385,000
Ericsson Broadbent III Nathan R. Aldrich 168 Bolton Road 4/17/20 $550,000
George L Su and Kelly Wen Andrew G. Pomeroy 114 Ann Lees Road 4/29/20 $628,000
Ernest E. and Livia B. Bourque Peter G. Linde 71 Old Littleton Road 4/30/20 $1,023,759
Dmitry Bykhovsky/Zubly Alma Gregory and Kristina Sorenson 23 Peninsula Road 5/7/20 $1,530,000
Robert and Mary Fernandez Nicholas and Alexandra Loomis 43 Park Lane 5/8/20 $610,000
Ryan and Kaitlyn Dolan Sean and Anne Whiting Siff 8 Park Lane 5/15/20 $551,250
Maxant and Delker John B. Wilson Ayer Road 5/21/20 $50,000
The Homescout LLC Chanchal Sharma 20 Cleaves Hill Road 5/22/20 $850,000
Michael and Wendy Eldredge Patrick and Kelsey Callahan 78 East Bare Hill Road 5/27/20 $1,145,000
Lowell James Barret Karen and Anthony Svarczkopf 16A South Shaker Road 5/27/20 $580,000
David Sorrells Joshua Pierson and Kay Kamiyama 29 Simon Atherton Row 5/28/20 $566,000
Mark and Hilary Finnegan Timothy and Sheila Finnegan First 126 Oak Hill Road 5/29/20 $899,000
Heston Chipman Thomas Scott and Darcy Espey 3 Blanchard Road 5/29/20 $625,000
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