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Parents say CONGRATS to their 2020 college grads!

Hi Mark,
Congratulations on your graduation from Drexel! We are so proud of you. Keep gaming. And remember, everything in moderation.
Mom, Dad, Erica, James, Katya, Matthew, Lia


Congratulations! We could not be more proud of all you have accomplished. You survived P Chem and lived to tell the tale, and we are confident you will thrive in grad school at UNC. From Polar Bear to Tar Heel, keep up the good work!
Love, M, D, E, & L!

We’re SO proud of your hard work, artistic talents, perseverance, and work experience. Looking forward to having you home as you start the next phase of life. Congratulations and remember, the joy is in the journey!!
Love, Mom, Dad, Elly, & Fin 

Congrats, Emma, on graduating from GW. Proud we are! Excited for the next chapter. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

Daniel, We’ve loved seeing your enthusiasm, determination, and grit. From innovation awards to your RWM MQP. Congratulations on your degree in Robotics Engineering, WPI ’20. We can’t wait so see what comes next at SGNA. xx, m/d/r

Ben. Way to go Wildcat! Wildcat, you’ve become a little more domesticated, a little more tame, all while keeping your fierce spirit! We are so proud of you! Congrats! Love, M,D, K, and N

Alyson, Congratulations on your Global Health Studies degree. We are so proud of all you’ve accomplished these past four years and know you will continue to do great things at BU SPH. Love, Mom, Dad, & Will

Christopher, We are so impressed! Be proud of what you’ve achieved. As for the future — the hills are bigger, but much more worthy of your abilities. May the Snow Monkeys always have your back. Love, Mom, Dad, Erica, & Will

Wahoo, Kadin! Four years, two major changes, much work and growth and you’re a college graduate! Congratulations to you! Onward you go and good luck with your masters program. Love, Mom, Dad, Mischa, Ryell, and Scooter

KE: Doubly proud of you and EE as scholars, athletes, and leaders of distinction, graduating with greatest of achievements: Respect of colleagues, trust of friends, knowledge of triumph and defeat, and the kindness of loving hearts. We love you, always.

Dear Gwyneth, You did it all! You made the hard decisions and followed your ♥. You define “persistence.” We are very proud of you. Love, Mum, Dad, & Harry

Congratulations, Nick Wyman! UNH and Theta Chi will not be the same without you. Remember the good times on the Gold Coast of Australia. Love, Mom and Dad

Nick Steele - Villanova - Civil Engineering, Congrats on an amazing collegiate career, both academically and athletically. We are so proud of you! All of our love, Mom, Dad, Maddie, and Kai

Congratulations, Dr. Riley Acton! Ph.D. Economics, Michigan State University. We are very proud of you! Can’t wait to celebrate Acton 2020... in 2021? Love, Mir I Am, Fadjy Fadj, Lily B, Bubs, and Mozz

Emily, Your graduation is not as you or we imagined it, but you have managed to function in disaster and finish in style! Bravo!! Congratulations!! We know you will create an amazing future, whatever it holds. With all our love, Mom, Dad, and Gavin.

Our local “town crier” proclaims: “HOORAY FOR YOU, TOBY SUNDHEIMER” for all you’ve learned and accomplished at Beloit College. Hope you’re as PROUD of yourself as we are of you! Love, and hopes for a bright future. Mom, Dad, Amanda, Dexter

CONGRATULATIONS, HANNAH! 1 year at Columbia + 3 years at Brown = 1 extraordinary academic achievement! We are so proud of you, and cannot wait to watch your unstoppable success as you take over Wall Street, fearless girl! We love you! Mama, Da, & Jake

Lucy, Virtual graduation! I’m proud of you! Your empathy and quest for knowledge and understanding will help you make the world a better place for all. I can’t wait to see where your adventures take you! “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” —Albert Einstein. Congratulations! Love, Mom

Congratulations, Brendon! We are so proud of your accomplishments at St. Joseph’s College. We know your future is bright and look forward to your next phase as you pursue your career in Business. Love – Mom, Dad, Erin, & Jenna

Sarah, We’re so proud of your achievements these past four years at UD. You have earned every grade, every award. We cannot wait to continue to celebrate with you what comes next too! Love, Mom and Dad

Josh, “Our hearts swell within us, with joyful emotion, as the name of Old Brown in loud chorus we raise.” Embrace the world still so full of possibilities; the sun is always shining. #Brown2020 Congratulations and XO, M&D

Cakes: What an amazing five years you’ve had. We’re VERY proud of all you have learned, your travels, and work experience. Welcome home until you get back to the Big Apple. Keep on making us dinner while you’re here!! Love – Mom, Dad, Sarah, & Fin

Congratulations, Mitchell! What a ride! You achieved so much over the last four years, academically and athletically. It’s been fun to watch, and we’re excited to see what happens next. Remember, represent the East Coast well.

Lily, Congratulations, dear daughter, for this beautiful moment ... your college graduation. Watching you—now a poised and gracious young woman—achieve all that you have, continues to be our greatest happiness. We love you and are so very proud. M, M, G, L & BP, and Louie

Kelsey ... Way to go Terrier! Terrier, you’ve become even more loyal, more adaptable, all while keeping your unique sensitivity! We are so proud of you! Congrats! Love – M,D, B, and N

Dear Jackie, It seems like just yesterday we were moving you into your dorm at Wesleyan. Now here you are, a college graduate! We’re so proud of you! It’s clear you’ll be successful in this next chapter, and we’re rooting for you all the way. Congratulations! Love – Mom, Dad, Peter, Jen, & Sarah

Christina, We are so happy for you! Congratulations! Love – Mom, Dad, and Gianna

Patrice, Your hard work and determination sets the stage for your success at every turn. It’s beyond wonderful to see you dive into pursuing your goals, seizing your opportunities! Congratulations! We love you and are rock solid behind you always. Momma, Craigford, Gma, and Meaghan

James, We are so proud of you for pursuing your interests and dreams and love of nature. Congratulations! Love – Mom, Dad, Katherine and Will

Congratulations, Thomas! Your future shines brightly ahead of you! Much love from M & D

Ames, For all the times of late night studies, lack of sleep, trips to Dunkin, calls to Dad, and sacrifice of enjoyment, your reward is here. Congratulations! So proud of you and love you. Dad, Mum, Allie, Lamy, and Ranger

Congrats, Lily Acton! B.A. Public Health, Davidson College. We are very proud of you! And looking forward to having you closer to home! Love – Madre, Fadj, RDog, Bubs, and Mozz

Congratulations, Soph, on an amazing journey. Looking forward to your next chapter. So proud of you. Up, up Big Green!! Love – Mom, Dad, Jono, Jenny, Luke, and Jake

Dearest Lia, Congratulations, and well done!! We are so very proud of you, and in awe of your strength, determination, and hard work. Can’t wait to see where your next adventure takes you! We love you, M, D, T

Dylan! It’s hard to describe how proud we are of you for working so extremely hard the past four years and doing so well. You did it! Enjoy your freedom! Love – Mom, Dad, Madison, & Rainbow

Katherine, we are so proud of your accomplishments both in the pool and in the classroom. Congratulations! Love – Mom, Dad, James, and Will

Dear Carlisle – We are so proud of your accomplishments at WPI and who you’ve grown to become. We look forward to the inventions your curiosity will uncover for the good of humankind! Love, Mom & Dad

Congratulations! Lindsey Hoggins, Class of 2020. We wish you all the best as you graduate from college and work hard pursuing a career in accounting as well as your life goals. We love you very much! Love, your family

Dear Amanda, We are so proud! When you join the medical ranks next year, we can’t wait to see you share your valuable skills and caring compassion with a world that truly needs you. Bravo! Mom, Dad, and Julie

Eleanor, An unexpected crevasse opens between Wellesley triumphs and the hoped-for future. Forget lemons and lemonade. Grieve, and seek longitude without platitudes. Explorer skills, brains, and bravery are needed now—these you have. Proud to bursting. Love, Mom & Dad

Beck Peterson– We are so proud of who you are, how you are, and what you have accomplished. You are kind, caring, compassionate, responsible, smart, funny, and so much fun to be with. ♥ So lucky to have you in our lives!

Dear Deirdre, As you complete the hard work of your college education at the College of the Holy Cross, we can only say that you amaze us every day. Congratulations on having earned both economics and political science degrees with aplomb! Continue to follow your dreams. Love you, Mom and Dad<

Congrats, Bridie! You excelled these past four years in every way, and we are so proud! No doubt you will do great things and make the world a better place. But first … your masters! You go, girl! We love you! xoxo

EE: Doubly proud of you and KE as scholars, athletes, and leaders of distinction, graduating with greatest of achievements: Respect of colleagues, trust of friends, knowledge of triumph and defeat, and the kindness of loving hearts. We love you, always.

“Sons of old Massachusetts Devoted daughters true Bay State, ol’ Bay State We give our best to you Thee our alma mater We’ll cherish for all time Should auld acquaintance be forgot Massachusetts, yours and mine.” Congratulations, Jon! We love you!

Suzy, Congratulations! As an engineer, you have found your path and I know you will climb to great heights. I’m proud of your accomplishments—academically and personally. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” —Confucius. Love, Mom

Courtney, you did what was hard and you achieved what is great. Now it’s your time to be an American hero and reach for the stars. President Bartlet is proud, and we are too! Thanks for the blessing you are!

CONGRATULATIONS, JAKE! As you graduate from Cornell Law School, publishing (!) your Note in the Cornell International Law Journal, you continue to both raise the bar and outperform it! NYC here you come! We are so proud of you and love you! Mama, Da, & Hannah

Liam, Congratulations on your graduation from DePaul University! We couldn’t be more proud of you. Love – Mom, Dad, and Aunt Janet

Nate, Everything you need is already within you! No matter what boat you’re on: fish, wakeboard, or sail! But remember, the wake is the trail left behind, your success will propel it! We are so proud of you! Love, your family

Congratulations Brian! Your Ithaca 2020 spring was different than expected, but you’re the same great graduate. We are very proud of you and excited for your next steps-- “To Infinity and Beyond”! We love you! Mom & Dad

Congratulations, Jane! University of Cincinnati, DAAP graduate, BS in Fashion Design. Your future is so bright ♥ Love, love, love you! Mom, Dad, William, & Buster Brown

Congratulations, Jimmy Nigzus!! Bachelors degree in criminal justice with a minor in military history. We are very proud of you! You have worked so hard. What a great future lies ahead of you! Love – Mom, Dad, Billy, & Tommy

To: Amanda, Amy, Bridie, Carlisle, Deirdre, Eleanor, Hannah, Jackie, Jordan, Kate, Katie, Lucy, Sarah, Stacy, and Suzy
As Daisies you grew, with paints, glitter, and glue,
As Brownies you cooked, good deeds, and a book.
Campy Juniors you were, tents, horses, and bikes,
Cadettes brought the “mettle”—silver, gold, and the like.
Chocolate cake for breakfast and skits at night,
Sharing, caring, and laughter, our days were so right.
Sit-upons, swaps, pillowcases, and s’mores, you girls were on fire,
There was no effort to which you would not aspire.
GS Troop 744, college graduation is here,
The day may not sparkle, things don’t seem quite fine,
Yet we honor and celebrate the mountains you’ve climbed.
We once were your leaders, but now admirably, you’re ours,
Go conquer the world with your 2020 Girl Powers!
With congratulations, love, and pride, —Mrs. O and Mrs. E

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