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Jumping for a healthy heart

Jumping for a healthy heart

Third-graders Sam Ward (left) and Alison Stevens jump over hurdles in physical education class at Hildreth Elementary School during a “Jump Rope for Heart” volunteer fundraiser for the American Heart Association, Feb. 8. (Photo by Lisa Aciukewicz)

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Two roads in a wood. Perhaps that’s an apt image for the choice voters must make this spring on whether and how to create a charter for the town of Harvard, first at Annual Town Meeting and then at Town Election.

When Town Hall reopens this spring, it will be more than just a pretty face—its eyes and ears will be much improved as well.

Voters at Town Meeting this April will be asked to consider several specific changes to town government, completely separate from the larger question of whether Harvard should set up a commission or committee to draft a town charter.

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Feb. 12, 2016
Vol. 10, No. 11
“Feelin' the love”


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